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Multiple patent certificates, twenty years of industry experience.

The titanium anode is made of inert Titanium substrate, coated with mixed precious metal oxide(RuIr /IrTa).

Titanium filter element is made of titanium powder by cold isostatic pressing and high temperature vacuum sintering.

Titanium hangers offer excellent corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and non-magnetic properties.

Titanium sintered porous material is made of spherical high purity titanium powder sintered at high temperature.

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Committed to the development, manufacture and application of electrochemical industrial MMO coated titanium electrode.

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We are engaged in the development, production and sales of noble metal oxide coated titanium anode, titanium porous materials and titanium hangers.

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PCB horizontal copper plating has very high requirements for titanium anodes, and we have compared and tested products from many manufacturers. In the end, we chose them. Although they had no advantage in price, their product stability was very reliable.

John CarterTechnical director

They have more expertise and good service and can constantly develop and modify processes or materials to solve the problems we face. The value of this continuous improvement is enormous, which is the fundamental reason why we provide our customers with high quality equipment. Many titanium anode suppliers contacted us, but we chose Quan jin

Jessica RossetaEngineer

I have been working with them for many years as a supplier of titanium products and their quality is key to winning our business.

Nicolas AnelkaGlobal Sourcing Manager



He has rich experience in the field of titanium anode and titanium metal material processing

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